The Kingdom of Evenlight

Aspect: A beacon in the dark.
Aspect: Free trade isn’t free.

In the center of a wide flat plain sits the city of Evenlight. In the center of this city rises a building of materials rare in this age, a relic of the past that’s stood the test of time. Beneath that building lies the secret of Evenlight’s power, literally. A still functioning reactor powers lights, manufacturies and even more importantly, defenses.

From this city the kingdom stretches a few days travel in most directions, claiming the allegiance of numerous smaller towns that provide much of the cities raw materials and food. Wakestown, boardering the Psycho Jungle to the west, Ortun a mining town to the north, and Southlake resting on the shores of it’s name sake, are the 3 largest of these communities.

Overall the kingdom has a late 19th century technology level, though the easy access to electric has colored that. Evenlight sports electric street cars, sanitation powered by electric pumps, and the ability to produce small amounts of advanced materials (most of which goes into the defense of the kingdom).

The Kingdom of Evenlight

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