Bright Green: Fertile grassland
Pale green: Standard grassland/scrub
Greenish-yellow: Farmland
Dark bright green: Swamp
Dark pale green: Forest
Tan: Salt Flats/desert

This map details only the main city of Evenlight along with it’s 3 most populace sub cities. There are numerous homesteads, hamlets, and villages scattered through the kingdom. In the farmlands near the main city most communities are withing an hour or twos walk of the next. Even ion the hinterlands it’s almost unheard of that you would need to walk more than an entire day to get to the next community. Despite the relative safety of the kingdom only the heartiest (or foolhardiest) don’t wish to be within the safety of their fellows, though there are the occasional lone trappers, prospectors, hermits and such that make their homes in the most out of way places.

Episode one

Grondar Icespear, Mamothtar runekeeper hailing from the frozen north
Tali’Amon, Amazonian cat-girl, swordswoman and seeker of fortune

Previously on: Kaji-Sa, the Bloodmonger, won the first starblade (T’Gyan, the Blacksun) froma temple in the Dragon’s Teeth mountains, playing our two rival heroes against one another to ensure her victory. Now they’ve teamed up to ensure she doesn’t get a second blade… and to prove who is the best Archaeonaut in Umdaar…

In a small town in the hinterlands near the Salt Forests the hunters have finally tracked down a promising lead. Manc the mercenary was living it up telling tales of his exploits and dropping hints of his upcoming next big score with his pal the Bloodmonger…

Plying him with drinks, looks, and some supporting boasts the two manage to wrangle information about where Kaji-sa is currently camped, and her next destination… the temple of twin suns. They trek into the Salt Jungle, following the Old Road with Grondar’s demon-sprites keeping lookout they are able to bypass the camp of Kaji-sa in an effort to leap frog her however they fail to avoid the Lazer-wolves that prowl the jungle floors…

Two of the beasts charge from the foliage, hot on the snow-trail of Lonney the demonsprite. In the ensuing fight Tali’Amon’s sword fighting, scampering and displays of prowess compliment the carefully laid ice traps, water spouts and ice-spear mastery of Grondar and they emerge victorious. Grondar’s after attempts at looting the bodies produces some parts for trade, but not the working lazer tail he had hoped…

Coming upon the temple the pair enter and begin their exploration. After hours wandering the halls they draw closer to the center of the temple only to be entrapped in a hallway as it begins to fill with salt. (Salt? Who uses salt? Why can’t it be water the runekeeper laments.) Examining the runes on the walls, and the mechanisms of the pressure plate, the pair are able to stop the oncoming salt and lower the far wall so they can continue their journey into the temple…

In the center of the temple lies a domed circular room, attention is drawn to the singular column of light that descends from the ceiling in the center of the room…. and the amethyst sword that hangs in that light. A door opposite the one the enter bears a leaden sun symbol that seems to seal the door. An examination of the area reveals no other adornment of decorations (Aside from the matching symbol on the door they entered, but they never seem to go back and to check on that…).

The sword itself is a just over a meter long and appears in every way to be a regular sword except that it is entirely rendered in amethyst. The blade, the pommel, even the individual leather strips in the grip, all fashioned as if it were one single piece of the stone. It’s weight and balance belies it’s appearance, and it is easily wielded as a sword it’s size was intended.

swrd.jpgOriax, the Fearsun
(Quick/Flashy): Once per scene, when you Quickly or Flashily attack, you can call out the name of the weapon. This releases a mental attack against any one enemy in sight, who cannot add an approach to their defense roll.

After some dithering Tali’amon reaches forth, her hand passing through the light as if it were a thick mist, and draws the sword from the light. The suspension field cuts out plunging the room into near black, aside from the light of demonsprites. Her mind is filled with a flash of knowledge of the sword’s capabilities, and with narey a blink she absorbs this and starts planning how to sue it’s power against the Bloodmonger.

After a but more dithering the pair decides to head out the sealed door, at first attempting to carefully peal the symbol off but finding it’s fragile consistency tears and rips as easily as foil. They continue on and come to find themselves near the exterior of the temple, entering an external gallery strewn with destroyed statues.

And of course, so close to freedom, the Bloodmonger finally makes her appearance. Flanked by two deadly raptorborg soldiers she taunts nad demands the sword in exchange for their lives, but before her monologue can really get going Gondar launches a high pressure spray of water from the nearby pools damaging one of the raptorborgs.

And the fight is on, bad luck and good maneuvering on Tali’amon’s part leads one raptorborg tied in it’s own nets. The other’s attempts to capture Grondar are thwarted by his demonsprites dismantling the chains… these soldiers are quickly defeated (though as one flees he is struck low by Kaji-sa herself for his daring to leave the field of battle). Kaji-Sa herself uses her natural skills and the power of her blade to strike from concealment, engaging in a blade duel with Tali’amon. Disarmed by the quick tailed catazon she retreats herself, fleeing into the jungle calling out “You fools! The sword will do you no good in the Cathedral of Screams! Those blades are nothing compared to the might of the Mindtaker!”

The pair return to the courts of Evenlight Kingdom, hailed as heroes by Hierophant Argenna and given a feast to celebrate their victory. But an Archaeonaut’s job is never done, the Cathedral of Screams beckons, and further tales wait to be made…


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