Bright Green: Fertile grassland
Pale green: Standard grassland/scrub
Greenish-yellow: Farmland
Dark bright green: Swamp
Dark pale green: Forest
Tan: Salt Flats/desert

This map details only the main city of Evenlight along with it’s 3 most populace sub cities. There are numerous homesteads, hamlets, and villages scattered through the kingdom. In the farmlands near the main city most communities are withing an hour or twos walk of the next. Even ion the hinterlands it’s almost unheard of that you would need to walk more than an entire day to get to the next community. Despite the relative safety of the kingdom only the heartiest (or foolhardiest) don’t wish to be within the safety of their fellows, though there are the occasional lone trappers, prospectors, hermits and such that make their homes in the most out of way places.


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